How to Increase Conversions With Social Proof Popup Notifications

Have you ever been browsing a website when a notification pops up in the corner of your screen, telling you that someone else has just bought something on that site? This is social proof popup notification in action, and it’s an effective way that smart businesses are now using  to increase conversions.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of social proof popup notifications, and show you how to set them up on your own website. 

What are social proof notifications and why do you need them

Social proof popup notifications are a new creative technique that is proving to be a powerful way to encourage website users to take action. They work by notifying your customers of the actions of other people on your website. A good example is when a customer sees that others are buying your product. They are more likely to buy it too. There are many more ways to use social proof notifications, including prompting customers to share your product with their friends, which is one of the simplest ways to boost conversions.  

On a typical website or webstore, such notifications are programmed to popup on important action spots such as sign up pages, product pages, checkout, or even all over the website depending on what you want to achieve. These notifications are created with widgets, which are elements that retrieve and display pieces of information that are meant to trigger action.

How to create social proof popup notifications

The best way to create a social proof popup notification is to use an effective CRO software like RBL. It allows you to create and customize a notification that will appear on your website. All you need is to provide your website, and RBL tools will take care of the rest. You can choose from a variety of templates and colors, or you can create your own design. Plus, you can add your own branding and logo to make the notification look even more professional.

How to choose the right social proof popup notifications for your website

Not all social proof widgets and popup notifications are created equal. You need to carefully select the right ones for your website to ensure that you’re providing the most benefit to your customers. When selecting social proof notifications, consider the following:

  • The types of products you’re selling
  • The demographics of your audience
  • The tone and voice of your brand
  • The design of your website
  • The type of traffic you’re getting
  • The urgency of the purchase decision

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you can start to narrow down the options and select the social proof notifications that will work best for your website.

Success factors for social proof notifications

The following items are critical considerations to make  when utilizing a social proof widget and popup notification, 

Mobile friendly

Mobile commerce continues to post strong growth trends with global mobile spending projected to reach $728 billion by 2025.  You certainly want to earn a share of these billions and the simplest way to get there is by ensuring that your website is mobile friendly. Visitors reaching your website via mobile expect fast loading speeds and no-brainer navigation. This way they will see your popups within their concentration span, boosting your conversions.


Your website is most likely being accessed by visitors from all regions of the world. This is where language plays a significant role. While English is the most spoken language, some users prioritize their local languages. Ensure that your social proof popup notifications can automatically translate to any official language. This is particularly urgent if you are targeting customers from multiple regions.


Get the timing right when the site visitors get to see the notifications. The wrong timing can put off users as they are likely to view the notification as a form of intrusion or interruption. Avoid timing notifications to popup soon after a visitor lands on the website. Instead time them to popup when a visitor has spent some reasonable time on the site or when they are showing signs of exiting. If they are about to exit, the right popup can encourage them not to leave. Suggest something else or prompt them to fill out a feedback form. 


This is a huge one. As you can already see, social proof widgets and popup notifications are powerful ways to engage visitors and inspire them to take action. Considering the influence these notifications bear, it’s easy to be tempted to give fake data. Please do not do this as one wrong popup can sink your business. Stick to using your real data. It’s okay if you don’t have sufficient social proof for now, no pressure. Think long term, start small, move fast and build credible social proof that is worth showcasing. 

Social Proof Notifications: Conclusion

Social proof notifications are a powerful way to increase conversions on your website. By providing real-time evidence of the actions other people are taking on your website, you can encourage your visitors to take similar actions. Not only will social proof popup notifications help you boost sales, but they can also help you increase pageviews and improve customer satisfaction rates.

Social Proof Notificatins: FAQ

What are some examples of Social proof notification examples?

Some great examples of social proof notifications are when a new customer has just joined the store, when an order is placed, or when a product is added to the cart. You can also send social proof notifications when someone shares your store on social media or when they leave a review. Remember to customize your notifications to match your brand and be sure to test them out to see what works best for you.

Can social proof notifications help me build trust?

Yes. Social proof widgets and popup notifications can help you to cultivate instant trust with your potential customers. Display them whenever a visitor is in the process of performing important actions such making a purchase, subscribing to something e.g email newsletter, reading your product descriptions, etc,.

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