Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

It is so heartbreaking to see many amazing ecommerce entrepreneurs work so hard to build Shopify stores, but miss out on the finer details that drive sales. You work profusely, spend thousands of dollars developing a cute looking store, stay up long nights to bring in the traffic, but struggle to sell.

You could be a tweak away from the sales you dreamed of when you decided to start your Shopify store. 

Follow these strategies, and you’ll be on your way to increased sales and profitability.

How to increase conversion rates for Shopify

A good conversion rate for Shopify stores is anything above 1%. This means that for every 100 people who visit your store, at least 1 person should buy something. Many factors go into this, including everything from your traffic sources to the design of your shop to the copy on your pages. By optimizing all of these factors, you will increase your conversion rate.

Work on these items to improve your Shopify CRO

  • Home Page
  • About and contact pages
  • Product pages
  • Product discovery and checkout
  • Comparative tests
  • Speed


Your homepage is the first thing your potential customers see. It’s important to make a good first impression and convince them to stay and explore your products. One way to do this is by using an inviting design that draws the eye in and encourages visitors to learn more about your business. 

You can achieve this by using a simple, clean layout with plenty of white space and easily readable text. Images and graphics should be used sparingly to avoid overwhelming the viewer and distracting them from your message. 

About and contact pages

Every visitor would want to know who you are and how they can reach you. You can get this right through the About and Contact pages.

About page: Your About page should go beyond summarizing your store and products. Tell a story that gives the visitors a sense of belonging. What inspired you to start the store? Why do you consider your customers special? These are the small things that combine to communicate a strong identity, and a strong identity converts.

Contact page: Make it easy for customers to reach you. Visitors want to be confident that they will always be able to reach you whenever they need to. In fact, surveys have shown that about 44% of visitors will leave if they can’t find contact details.

Product pages

Product pages are the most important on your store. So it’s important to make sure they are as optimized as possible. Focus on these key items:

  • Images: Use high quality product images and ensure they’re the right size
  • Descriptions: Include detailed product descriptions
  • Prices: Make sure your prices are clearly displayed
  • Shipping: Include clear shipping information
  • Social proof: Social proof is the use of other people’s actions to inspire confidence in others. You can increase conversions by using reviews and ratings from customers who have already purchased your products. Feature them prominently on your product pages. 

Product discovery and checkout

One of the main reasons visitors don’t convert is because they can’t find the product they’re looking for or because the checkout process is complicated. 

Create a well-organized menu that displays all of your categories and products. You can also add filters to help shoppers narrow down their choices. Make sure your checkout is seamless with fewer steps. 

Comparative tests

A/B testing is a simple way to determine which version of a web page converts better. With A/B testing, you create two versions of a page (usually called A and B) and then direct traffic to both pages equally. You can track how many people visit each page, what they do when they get there, and how that affects your conversion rate. With this data, you can then decide which version of the page is more effective and make changes accordingly. A/B testing should be an essential part of your conversion rate optimization strategy.


The speed of your website is ultimately tied to your conversion rate. In fact, Google indicates that 53% of visitors (especially mobile) will drop off your site if loading goes beyond 3 seconds. Just take a pause and reflect on this…A whooping 53% of the visitors you have spent thousands to attract will arrive then leave just because of speed. You have to get this right.


Shopify conversion rate optimization is the process of making small changes to your shopify store in order to increase the percentage of visitors who complete a desired action, a purchase in this case. A high conversion rate is essential for a successful online store, so it’s important to employ CRO tactics or even better employ the services of a Shopify CRO expert to boost your numbers. By following this shopify guide to conversion rate optimization, you can make simple changes that will have a big impact on your store’s conversion rate.

Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization FAQ

Do I need a Shopify CRO expert?

Yes. While you might be an excellent entrepreneur with beautiful products, you might not possess the fine skills that will win you buyers. An expert comes with the advantage of specialized skills plus experience. Your challenges might be complex to you but not new to the expert. 

Does Shopify CRO really work?

Yes. You will see a clear difference in sales once you employ conversion rate optimization shopify strategies, compared to when you don’t. Even the best of products can fail to register good sales due to poor or lack of CRO strategies. 

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