Best Exit Intent Popup Examples and Benefits

When a website visitor decides to leave your page, it’s important to have a plan in place to capture that lead. Enter the exit intent popup, a powerful tool you can use to increase your conversion rate and keep more of those visitors from straying away. 

Let’s dive into some of the best exit intent popup examples currently in use. We’ll also explore the benefits of exit intent popups and show you how to create one for your own website. 

What is an exit intent popup?

Exit intent popups are a type of popup that appears when a user moves the mouse towards the top or bottom of the screen in an attempt to exit the page. They are usually used as a last-ditch effort to capture a departing visitor’s attention and convert them into a customer. Exit intent popups are effective because they interrupt the user’s natural flow and require an intentional action to dismiss them. This makes them less likely to be ignored than traditional popups.

Benefits: Why use an exit intent popup?

Exit intent popups are triggered when a user moves her mouse cursor towards the top or left-hand side of the browser window, in preparation to close the window or tab. At this point, a popup will appear, offering a coupon code, discount, free shipping, or some other incentive to keep the customer around. 

There are many reasons to use an exit intent popup. Perhaps the most compelling benefit is that they work: exit intent popups have been shown to convert as much as 3x better than traditional popup forms. Other reasons to use an exit intent popup include:

More conversions

By using exit intent popups to give incentives such as discounts or free samples, you are boosting the chances of those visitors buying right there or coming back to buy in the future. Either way, you have gained a lead which is the most valuable component of conversion.

List boosting

Exit intent popups boost your list by adding leads who were at the verge of leaving and never to come back. You can view this as regaining a lost chance, a chance to make a sale to a customer who had already ignored your product.

Less cart abandons

Online shopping statistics have shown that most online shoppers abandon carts due to shipping costs and more than half will actually proceed to complete a purchase if they were offered free shipping. You can utilize exit intent popups to eliminate this challenge by giving them free delivery, discounts for the first purchase etc.

New opportunities 

If a visitor spends a significant amount of time on your website and shows intent to exit without completing any action, exit intent popups can help you to capture such leads and analyze them further to establish what this type of customer may have been looking for but failed to find on your website. Once you establish a pattern and figure out what their needs are, you can then target them with relevant products. 

Build trust

The act of showing a relevant popup to a customer who is about to leave is likely to trigger a positive feeling in most customers. Many will feel that you care about them, which is indeed what you are trying to do because the fact is you are concerned why the customers want to leave. This creates a good foundation for trust that will eventually translate to sales. 

Shopify exit intent popup

How do you create a great Shopify exit intent popup? When it comes to creating an exit intent popup for your Shopify shop, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure you have a strong offer or incentive for your customers. This could be anything from a discount to free shipping or a coupon code. 

You’ll also want to make sure your popup is easy to read and doesn’t require too much scrolling. And lastly, make sure the design is on-brand and eye-catching. Our Conversion Rate Optimization software offers a free plan that will help you to create an exit intent popup that’s perfect for your Shopify business. 

Free exit intent popups plugins for WordPress

WordPress is no doubt one of the giant CMS platforms that power many websites and the right popup plugin will go a long way to help you return exiting customers. A good WordPress popup plugin should make it easy for you to create bold popups that will convince a leaving customer to change their mind and complete an action. offers the best free popup plugins to help you create beautiful exit intent popup for WordPress.

Best practices for exit intent popup design

When it comes to exit-intent popups, design is key. You want to make sure your popup is eye-catching and catches your customer’s attention. The goal is to get them to stay on your site, so make sure the design is persuasive and inspires curiosity. The copy on your popup should be short and sweet, but pack a punch. And lastly, make sure the call-to-action is clear and easy to understand. If you can nail these three things, you’re on your way to creating an effective popup! 

Best exit intent popup examples

Here are some of the best popup examples you can use to collect money that would literally vanish if you don’t implement exit intent popups.

  1. Offer a discount: Everyone loves a good deal, and customers are more likely to convert if you offer them a discount on their purchase.
  2. Show related products: If a customer is about to leave your site, chances are they weren’t interested in the product they were looking at. Show them related products that they might be more interested in. You might salvage the sale.
  3. Collect email addresses: The best way to keep customers coming back is to collect their email addresses so you can keep in touch with them.
  4. Promote your loyalty program: If you have a loyalty program, promote it with an exit intent popup. This will encourage customers to join and come back to your site in the future.
  5. Offer free shipping: One of the biggest deterrents for online shoppers is high shipping costs. Offering free shipping is a great way to encourage exiting customers to buy from your site.


Exit intent popups are a great way to convert more customers, as they are specifically designed to capture the attention of people who are about to leave your site. By using these popups, you can offer a special deal or promotion to persuade these people to stay, and you can potentially increase your sales as a result. Try this with which also offers a free plan you can use to create popups for many platforms including exit intent popup wordpress free.

Exit Intent Pop-ups: FAQ

Can exit popups influence my website visitors?

Yes. Exit intent popups can actually encourage a visitor to think twice, change their mind and complete an action that they had otherwise abandoned.

Should I start using exit intent popups?

Yes. If you have not started using exit intent popups then you are leaving a lot of money for your competitors to pick. This is a new technology that is delivering high conversion rates, please use it. 

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